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Black Tourmaline: Protector Extraordinaire

Photo by  Rob Lavinsky via Wikimedia Commons

The world of rocks and minerals is full of stones that have protective properties. Nearly all black stones have protective properties that can shield the person wearing or carrying it. However, one of the best in an all-around grounding and protective capacity is black tourmaline.

Tourmalines can come in a variety of colors ranging from red, purple, blue, green, brown, and even pink. Today, however, I am focusing just on the black variety of tourmaline. Black tourmaline is also known as Schorl or Aphrizite. In raw form, it appears to be made up of long, needle-like spikes that are bound together. This wonder-stone acts like a sponge for negative energies in your home or on your person and yet never needs to be cleansed.

According to Melody, in her book, "Love is in the Earth", tourmaline relates to all of the chakras in the body, balance the anima and animus (male and female energies), assists in dissipating fear, promoting understanding, balancing the mind and instilling a sense self-confidence.

All of these things are especially useful if you are feeling the negative energy of other people or situations. The black tourmaline, in particular, has a way of deflecting those negative energies and rendering them inert. Black tourmaline also has a reputation to help with motivation and creativity. Keep a piece of it in your home, particularly in any spiritual space for added protection. Black tourmaline is just a great all-around stone to have on hand working for you.

In terms of health conditions that black tourmaline has been used for, this stone is traditionally viewed as being helpful to those who suffer from asthma and other lung conditions, as well as conditions with the thyroid, eyes, and throat. Black tourmaline is said to help with spinal and back pain. Of course, even though we believe our friends in the mineral kingdom are there to help us and we are discussing the ways in which stones like black tourmaline may be able to help, this information should never be confused with medical advice. Always talk with your doctor about the best way to address any health condition.

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