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Looking for that special gift this Holiday Season? Give the Metaphysical!

The holidays are now upon us! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Saturnalia or something else entirely, it's the season of giving. If you haven't quite figured out what to give everyone this year, why not come by ReAlive Metaphysical and Repurposing and see what we have in the shop? We like to think we have a little something for everyone on your gift list - and maybe even a little something for yourself! If you still aren't quite sure about what to give, here are a few more ideas for holiday gifts.

Selenite is an amazing stone that can cleanse the people and things it comes into contact with. It is known for bringing the Light from the higher realms of the Universe into our bodies and our environment. Selenite carries the memories of the earth, and so it's excellent to help activate past life memories and intuition in a loving way.

Many people will keep a piece of selenite over their doorway to keep the energy of their homes or businesses clean and balanced. Here at ReAlive, we offer selenite stones themselves and also have them in the form of lamps, massage stones, orbs and other shapes in a wide range of sizes and price points. Come in and see them for yourself! More Ways to Make the Season Bright

Here at ReAlive, we carry a number of different shapes and sizes of Himalayan salt lamps. They add a feeling of comfortable warmth to any room in your home while cleansing the air an adding negative ions to the the air, thus helping you and your family to breathe and sleep better, too. A salt lamp makes a beautiful night light by providing a soft glow that lends the added benefit of color therapy. This is especially helpful for those who might be affected and tend to feel a bit less comfortable during winter months when there is less natural light during the day.

Stocking Stuffers

Santa leaving sticks and stones in your stocking isn't necessarily a bad thing! If it's incense sticks and tumbled stones from ReAlive, they are sure to delight! Kids of all ages love getting new treasures in the form of rocks and minerals and our shop carries an incredible array of precious and semi-precious stones from around the world at some of the best prices in the state of Iowa. Each rock and mineral can an add to a personal collection, grace a home or be placed in a pocket or put into a medicine bag to help the recipient face the stresses of daily life. If you don't have a medicine bag, we carry different kinds in stock and have staff on hand to help so that you'll find the perfect items to fill it, too!

Sage and incense also makes great stocking stuffers for friens and family. Saging, also known as smudging, has

been used by Native American tribes in the Southwest and has become an important way for people to clear out any negative energy that may have clung to them during the day or is present in the home. We carry sage bundles in multiple sizes and sage that is blended with other purifying herbs as well. We also have sweetgrass, Palo Santo and a number of purifying gums, resins, and herbs that can be used alone or blended and burned over charcoal or used in an incense heater. If you are more inclined toward stick incense varieties, ReAlive carries a full line of incense scents from HEM, Nag Champa, and Essential Essences. Among our bestsellers are seasonal best sellers like Frankincense and Myrrh, we also carry Sandalwood, Dragon's Blood, Night Queen, Kachina Dreams and other sweet smelling temptations. We also have a wide variety of your favorite essential oils to blend or to use in an aromatherapy difuser.

Give The Gift of Holiday Sparkle They Can Wear

Humans have been finding a way to fashion stones into jewelry for literally millions of years. At ReAlive, we have jewelry galore for anyone on your gift list. We have rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and gemstone bracelets to keep the chakras aligned, help maintain sense of calm,well-being, for general good luck and success or just as an element to add to a favorite outfit. Whether you are thinking of a gift for a man or a woman, we have something to wear which will fit nearly every taste and gift buying budget.

Additional Possibilities

At ReAlive we have holiday cards of a different sort. If you have a budding tarot enthusiast on your list or someone who is looking for a special set of divination or inspiration cards, we just may have exactly what you ( and they) are looking for. Along with the traditional Rider-Waite tarot, we have specialty decks featuring gorgeous artwork and positive messages. Many people collect tarot and divination decks as art and place them in around the home or in their offices to keep them centered and focused. Come check out our sample decks at the store in order to determine which one most inspires and feels right. Cards are an excellent way to step back or to inspire you on a daily basis.

Elephant deity, Ganesha carved from labradorite

In addition to all of the temptations we've listed above, we offer a wide selection of gently used books on a variety of metaphysical topics. Come find that special book you can't find anywhere else and at a great price. In the back of the shop, we also have a number of antiques, too. If after all of this , you're still at a loss to get someone, ReAlive offers gift certificates in any denomination of your choosing so that your special someone can find exactly what it is they've been looking for!



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