• Korrina Dawson

ReAlive’s New Location

It’s admittedly been a while since we last posted an update to our website. In spite of 2020 being one of those rather “challenging” years, we are definitely hoping to change all of that.


As some of you may or may not have have heard, like many in the Cedar Rapids and Marion area, the building that housed our store lost about a third of its roof during the derecho storm in August. We were extremely lucky in the scheme of things because many other businesses, including Zoe’s Pizzeria, the Maid-Rite, the park across 7th Avenue from the store, and homes in the area suffered so much more damage than we did. One report said that in addition to the unprecedented levels of property damage, the Cedar Rapids and Marion area also suffered a 65% loss of its tree canopy in the storm. 🙁

So, because of the damage to the building, Korrina and a group of dedicated volunteers had to pack up the store in a hurry in order to avoid any further damage to our displays and products before the next bout of rain came.

Because there really wasn’t a space big enough in the city Marion on the East side of Cedar Rapids to house all of what we carry and classes, took it was a bit of a challenge to find a spot that would fit all of our needs. For a couple of weeks, it was a bit of touch and go and a wee bit frustrating as we looked for a spot to call our own.

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